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Azure & Integration Congress 2023

Thursday, June 15, 2023 | Jaarbeurs, Utrecht

‘Business Critical Integration: Connecting Your Business for Success’

Join us for an informative and engaging event on Business Critical Integration. As companies increasingly rely on a variety of technologies and systems to support their business operations, integration has become a key enabler for success. During this event, we will explore why enterprise integration is critical for your business and how it can add value to your different Microsoft technology areas, including Data & Analytics, AI and Power Platform.

We will cover best practices for building secure, reliable and scalable integrations, and explore how to ensure your integrations meet the needs of your business strategy. This event is an excellent opportunity to learn about the latest trends and solutions in enterprise integration, and to connect with other professionals in your field of expertise.

Don’t miss this chance to gain valuable insights and take your integration strategy to the next level!



The program includes distinguished guest speakers, inspiring success stories, networking and more. The following experts have already confirmed their contributions to the Congress.

Emiel Kool
Head of Azure & Integration – Motion10

Emiel Kool is head of Azure & Integration at Motion10. With our large Azure Integration practice we constantly inspire and help organisations with the added value of the integration space. Integration is in our DNA. Today I will be your host.

Mark Weitzel
Principal Architect, developer division- MICROSOFT

As a principal architect in Microsoft’s Developer Division, Mark is constantly focusing on creating an awesome developer experience across the Azure portfolio. In his short tenure at Microsoft, Mark has revamped the API Stewardship practice and led the initial development of the Azure Developer CLI, and TypeSpec projects. He is a strategic and collaborative leader who increases product value by applying innovation, creativity, and interpersonal skills to solve challenging problems and turn difficulties into opportunities.

Prior to joining Microsoft, Mark was responsible for the strategic direction and execution for the New Relic developer platform, which included APIs, programming models, tooling, and open source. As a Vice President, he a high-level team of engineers, product managers, UX designers, and marketers that reflect his core values of curiosity, drive, and passion for software development. His is a data-driven management style in which risk and failure can pivot to success.

Mark’s collaborative approach to leadership enables him to work effectively across organizational boundaries, successfully partnering with sales, customer success, and marketing groups to drive shared goals. He has experience in all facets of software development: leading open source projects and communities, planning strategy, partnering with clients to achieve mutually profitable solutions, creating developer ecosystems, and building cloud platforms. Mark believes that open source software is an essential and powerful way to build software that, when done right, dramatically impacts both a company’s culture and bottom line.

Pascal van der Heiden

Pasal van der Heiden is a Cloud Solution Architect for Azure Integration Services & Cloud Native Development at Microsoft. He believes that to innovate, you need to integrate. His goal is to inspire and show how you can make integrations yourself. From 20 years of experience, he has learned that “seeing is believing” and doing it yourself accelerates your understanding of what’s possible. So, that is why he has chosen to show how you can create beautiful solutions yourself.

SOLUTION LEAD Azure & Integration – MOTION10

As the Solution Lead for Azure & Integration at Motion10, my main focus is to inspire customers and be their strategic partner throughout their journey into the world of cloud integration. With more than 20 years of experience implementing Microsoft Dynamics and Azure Integration Services, he always tries to find the best solution using the latest available technology.

Dylan van Riel
Data & Analytics Architect- MOTION10

Dylan van Riel is an architect working in Data & Analytics at Motion10. Having 10 years of experience with the Microsoft stack, Dylan helps clients setup Modern Data Platform architectures on the Azure platform. With a passion for all things data, Dylan specializes in Azure PaaS services like Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Data Factory, Azure Databricks and Azure SQL Database.

Vincent Villerius
Solution Architect Azure & Integration – MOTION10

Vincent Villerius is Solution Architect at Motion10 and has over 15 years of experience in designing, deploying and managing IT infrastructures. In recent years he has been specializing in designing, assessing and securing Azure Landingzones.

Lloyd Tan
Data Architect – RAI AMsterdam

Lloyd is a data professional with five years of experience in the field, currently leading teams at RAI Amsterdam towards a common goal of building a platform to optimize the customer journey. His expertise in data management and analytics has enabled RAI Amsterdam to optimize their decision-making process and enhance customer experiences. Lloyd’s leadership skills and his passion for exploring new technologies and techniques have helped him create a collaborative work environment and achieve shared goals. He is committed to improving the organization’s data capabilities and ensuring that data is utilized to its fullest potential. Lloyd is excited to share his experiences and learn from other industry experts at the Azure & Integration Congress.

Jerrold Stolk
Technology Lead Data & Analytics – Motion10

Jerrold is an enthusiastic expert in data, analytics, and artificial intelligence. With a decade of experience in the field, Jerrold has helped companies unlock the full value of their data, to drive innovation and growth. In addition to his work with businesses, Jerrold is also a skilled lecturer and speaker, using his passion and knowledge to inspire the next generation of data professionals. Jerrold is Technology Lead at Motion10, where he is responsible for shaping the company’s vision on data and artificial intelligence.

Peter de Vries
solution lead Modern work & security, motion10

Peter de Vries is Solution Lead Modern Work & Security at Motion10. In this role he helps clients unleash the true power of the Microsoft Power Platform by positioning it as a strategic platform for digital innovation. With over 25 years of experience in IT Peter has been primarily focused on Microsoft cloud solutions for the last 10 years.


Andrew Welch
CTO – Cloud Services, MVP, HSO

Andrew is a cloud technology leader, Microsoft MVP, speaker, and published author serving as Vice President (CTO) for Cloud Services globally at HSO. In this role he works directly with client CIOs to craft their enterprise technology strategy, with Microsoft product engineering groups, and leads technology across HSO’s Digital and App Innovation, Data and AI, Integration, and Infrastructure, Security, and Modern Work domains.

John de Keuning
Director IT & Data Analytics – Blokker

John de Keuning is Director IT & Data Analytics at Blokker. With a strong background in E-commerce and other business processes, he is responsible for the digital transformation Blokker has gone through over the last few years. During this event he will give you insights in the journey Blokker has made and the way Azure cloud solutions helped Blokker to support this change.

Kevin Lam
Principal Program Group Manager – Microsoft

25+ year veteran at Microsoft focused on integration solutions and products. Past products include Windows, SQL, SharePoint, .NET Workflow, BizTalk Server, ARM, Scheduler, Logic Apps and now leading Microsoft’s Azure Messaging services which includes Azure Service Bus, Azure Event Hubs, Azure Event Grid, Azure Relay and Azure Stream Analytics.


Jaarbeurs, Utrecht

The Azure & Integration Congress 2023 takes place in de Jaarbeurs, Utrecht. De Jaarbeurs is centrally located in the Netherlands. Jaarbeurs has more than 4,300 private parking spaces divided over P1 to P4, which are open 24/7.The Central Station is within walking distance.


Here is an overview of the most frequently asked questions.

– Architects (Lead, Enterprise, Domain, Information, Software and Solution)
– ICT Managers
– CIO’s
– Application Developers
– Information Managers
– Business Analysts
– Innovation Managers
– BizTalk users
– Azure fans

There are no costs involved to participate in this event.

– 4,300 parking spaces
– Next to Utrecht CS & 30 minutes from Schiphol Airport

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