Azure & Integration Congress
Tuesday, June 4, 2024

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Azure & Integration Congress 2024

Tuesday, June 4, 2024 | Jaarbeurs, Utrecht

Join us for the fourth edition of the Azure & Integration Congress, where we are set to transform your perspective on Integration, Platform Engineering and AI Capabilities. This year’s theme, “Transforming Integration Strategies for a Smarter Ecosystem” promises to be more innovative and inspiring than ever before.

Key themes

The Goal of Platform Engineering is to: optimize the developer experience (DX) with self-service development platforms and accelerate the delivery of customer value;
Integration in Your Ecosystem: how integration acts as the catalyst for agility and innovation;
AI Everywhere: Explore the strategic positioning of AI within your modern integration platform to boost developer productivity and the adoption of AI in your business processes.

Why would you join?

Discover the latest tools and strategies to master the art of integration in the dynamic field of Cloud Integration;
Be inspired through experts insights, case studies and real-world applications;
Be part of the AI revolution;
Meet your peers, network and have fun!

Don’t miss this chance to gain valuable insights and take your integration strategy to the next level!

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The program includes distinguished guest speakers, inspiring success stories, networking and more.

Emiel Kool
Business Unit Manager Integration, Cloud Services, HSO

With our large integration practice of 50+ Microsoft Azure Integration specialists we constantly inspire and help organizations with their integration strategy and the added value in the integration space. Integration is in our DNA. Today I will be your host.

Slava Koltovich
Product Lead for Azure Integration Services and Azure Cache for Redis – Microsoft USA

Slava has a wealth of experience in the tech industry and is an expert in integration, cloud-native, and DevOps technologies. He is currently leading products for Azure Integration Services and Azure Cache for Redis at Microsoft. Slava is passionate about increasing developer productivity for all kinds of developers and has created and led several successful products that allow driving business value from technology faster.

Pascal van der Heiden

Pasal van der Heiden is a Cloud Solution Architect for Azure Integration Services & Cloud Native Development at Microsoft. He believes that to innovate, you need to integrate. His goal is to inspire and show how you can make integrations yourself. From 20 years of experience, he has learned that “seeing is believing” and doing it yourself accelerates your understanding of what’s possible. So, that is why he has chosen to show how you can create beautiful solutions yourself.

SOLUTION LEAD Azure & Integration – HSO

As the Solution Lead for Azure & Integration at HSO, my main focus is to inspire customers and be their strategic partner throughout their journey into the world of cloud integration. With more than 20 years of experience implementing Microsoft Dynamics and Azure Integration Services, he always tries to find the best solution using the latest available technology.

Jerrold Stolk
Technology Lead Data & AI – HSO

Jerrold is an enthusiastic expert in data, analytics, and artificial intelligence. With a decade of experience in the field, Jerrold has helped companies unlock the full value of their data, to drive innovation and growth. In addition to his work with businesses, Jerrold is also a skilled lecturer and speaker, using his passion and knowledge to inspire the next generation of data professionals. Jerrold is Technology Lead at HSO, where he is responsible for shaping the company’s vision on data and artificial intelligence.

Dennis van de Laar
Digital & Application Innovation Specialist – Microsoft

As Application Innovation specialist I am focussing on helping organizations start new cloud native projects, modernize existing applications by leveraging PaaS components in Azure, and improve developer productivity. I have a background in software development and a passion for integration and architecture. With the upcoming popularity of platform engineering I see a lot of opportunities for organizations to become high performing software companies. I am curious to see where our industry will be in the upcoming years…


Jaarbeurs, Utrecht

The Azure & Integration Congress 2024 takes place in de Jaarbeurs, Utrecht. De Jaarbeurs is centrally located in the Netherlands. Jaarbeurs has more than 4,300 private parking spaces divided over P1 to P4, which are open 24/7.The Central Station is within walking distance.


Here is an overview of the most frequently asked questions.

– Architects (Lead, Enterprise, Domain, Information, Software and Solution)
– ICT Managers
– CIO’s
– Application Developers
– Information Managers
– Business Analysts
– Innovation Managers
– BizTalk users
– Azure fans

There are no costs involved to participate in this event.

– 4,300 parking spaces
– Next to Utrecht CS & 30 minutes from Schiphol Airport

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